Quality Service Seminars – Day 2

  • The Five Momentums of Management
    Do you know that your funeral home has its own momentum? Were you aware that this momentum could actually make or break the level of quality service you are providing to your clients? This session will cover in great detail the five “momentums” of management that Deming spoke about so often: Knowledge, Visibility, Attention, Information and Consistency. Are these momentums alive and well in your funeral home? This session will teach you how to grab hold of momentum and cut to the issue of quality service.
  • The DNA of Quality Funeral Service Management: The 15 Points
    Essential to using the Deming Method correctly as assimilating his “Fifteen Points” into your daily DNA as a manager. Countless students of funeral management have reported the Deming’s Fifteen Points revolutionized their management style. In fact, many have confessed that they were the “manager” in name only, and really were not managing until they put the Fifteen Points into every breath they took. Here are the Points to whet your appetite:

    • Start with the customer – period • Drive out fear
    • Constancy of purpose • Break down barriers
    • Continuous improvement • Eliminate slogans
    • Train for practical skills • Everybody wins
    • Institute leadership • Design quality into the system
    • Use a method of management • Don’t buy on price tag alone
    • Have joy at work • Accomplish the transformation
    • Continuing education
  • The Problem Rules in Quality Service
    When something goes wrong in a company, whom does management usually blame – the employee, right? In the Deming Management System, the responsibility for something going wrong is management’s failure to manage 85 percent of the time. This session will cover authentic ownership and responsibility for the role of manager of the funeral home or cemetery. We’ll address setting realistic goals and expectations, and most importantly, how managers communicate this vital information to their people.
  • Plan, Do Check And Act
    The session teaches how to implement new service ideas and push further to establish quality service. We’ll examine the decisions you make and how you make them. Then we’ll look carefully at how those decisions are implemented and evaluated, and finally, we’ll take a long look at how you act on those decisions and what are the results. If the results are good, what do you do? If the results are bad, what do you do?