Quality Service Seminars – Day 3

  • The Seven Deadly Sins in Management
    The last session on the Deming Method of Quality Funeral Service focuses on what you, as a manager, must avoid at all costs: Deming’s management sins – and as we all know bad things happen when we sin, right? Learn how to avoid:
    Lack of constancy of purpose
    Emphasis on short-term profits
    Evaluations of old measures
    Mobility of management
    Running a company on visible figures alone
    Excessive benefit costs
    Excessive lawyer fees. (Don’t you just love this one?!)

    Also during this session we’ll present the Value/Benefits concept, teaching you how to identify and label the value of your services and translate this information into benefits for your customers. Lastly, you’ll learn how to organize and utilize a Funeral Home Advisory Committee, which actually is your own private focus group so you can find out thruthfully and economically what people really think about your funeral home.

  • Funeral Home Strategic Planning
    This session will teach you an easy and very effective 10-step system to help you plan the future of your funeral home. This program provides the organizational method that will help you implement the Total Quality Service Management method of Dr. Deming. WIthout this portion of the workshop, confusion may reign supreme!
  • Quality Assurance
    We’ll be joined by students from the College of Land Management & Grounds Operations for this session, which takes you step by step through setting out the quality service standards that you, as the manager, want to implement. This is the first “How To” program in the workshop, and using this information can help you communicate exactly how you want the coach washed, the grass mowed, the front door opened, the phone answered… the list is limitless. This is an essentioal tool for you to use when you get back home.
  • Client Satisfaction & Funeral Design Program
    Did you know that if your clients are satisfied, they’ll do out and tell five people? That’s great! But did you know that if your clients are not satisfied, they’ll go out and tell 25, and you probably will not be one of them? So what to do?

    This program helps ensure that you spot and correct dissatisfied clients before they leave the funeral home, so you can please them and calm them down. The Deming stuff is great — but if you have one person on your staff who “just doesn’t get it”, all the Deming management information can go down the tube with one ill-timed remark or action. This program is your assurance policy that you will be able to stop client unhappiness in its tracks.