Quality Service Seminars – Day 4

  • Community Outreach Programs
    Now you’re ready to take Deming to your community. Primary to the session will be instruction on an extremely effective “Telephone Shopping Program”. Telephone etiquette is covered, as well as how we leave an impression. Novel ways of promoting the funeral home will be examined, and — no kidding — you’ll leave with 353 ideas on how to improve funeral services to your community. Fun stuff!
  • Community Outreach – How to Make a Presentation
    We can’t sit inthe coffee lounge anymore and wait for the phone to ring, we have to get out into the community and make it ring. If you agree with this management statement, then this information will please you very much. This session revolves around one simple goal; getting more people inside your funeral home. Learn how to put together a clergy seminar, a holiday memorial service, community charitable events, an open house, a funeral home tour, a veteran’s appreciation event and a life navigator seminar.

    Also, each student will receive instruction on how to give community speeches and presentations, and will be given four programs with scripts and slides they can use a civic groups, churches, etc.

  • Credits and Collections
    Save the “boring” stuff until last! Three things have to take place in order for your funeral home to be successful: Someone has to die, the survivors have to call you, and you have to be paid.

    Many funeral professionals do not like to ask for money. However, you’re worth every cent you are charging, and you must get paid. This program give you a step-by-step program to deal with this delicate situation. When you have completed this session, you’ll be able to maintain professionalism and at the same time get paid and reduce your accounts receivables.

  • Aftercare Program
    Would you be interested in an effective, well thought-out aftercare program that would not take a lot of tranining, would not require another payroll and would be low in liability? Would you like to get a great aftercare program that you can run yourself, fits into your busy schedule and costs you $2.50 a funeral? The program does this and more – you’ll be given information on a new program called Aftercare Memorialization. (This one is definitely out of the box.)Qual